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Information For Donors

You may donate to The Children's Support Foundation or to any of the three charities. You can designate your donation to be distributed evenly among the three charities, or choose one of the areas of need you particularly want to support:

Youth Development: Keeping Kids on Track

  • Educational Services
  • Job Readiness
  • Pregnancy & HIV/AIDS Prevention
  • Safe Housing

Family Support Services: Building Strong Families

    • Economic Stability
    • Positive Parenting
    • Mental Health Counseling
    • Preventative Health Care
    • HIV/AIDS Services
    • Foster Care & Adoption
    • Developmental Disabilities Services

The Children's Support Foundation offers several planned giving vehicles for donors interested in creating a last impact for the children of New York. These planning tools allow you to:
    •    Create a legacy for you and your family
    •    Give a capital gift of significance
    •    Increase current income for you and/or your spouse
    •    Enjoy tax benefits

Please Contact Us, if you are interested in exploring any of the planned giving options mentioned below. We will be happy to work with you and your financial advisor to develop a customized proposal that fits your needs and your philanthropic interests.

Charitable Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity is a simple, straightforward way to make a legacy gift to The Children's Support Foundation. In exchange for a gift of cash or securities, you or you and your spouse will receive a fixed annual income for life using rates set by the American Council on gift annuities ( The older you are at the time of the gift, the greater the income. You will receive an income tax deduction at the time of the gift and, if you donate appreciated securities, will avoid capital gains tax on the securities. Because the annual payment tends to be higher than market rates, part of the income is a return of principal, which is tax-free. For a securities gift, a portion of the annual payment comes in the form of capital gains and thus is taxed at the lower rate. At the end of the contract, the remaining principal goes to The Children's Support Foundation.

Pooled Income Fund

If you would like to make a contribution and receive current income for life, consider joining other donors in a pooled income fund. A pooled income fund is a type of charitable giving program that combines the tax advantages of charitable giving with the benefits of a lifetime stream of income. This tool works like a mutual fund - the pooled income fund commingles gifts from donors for investment purposes, sharing income generated by the fund's investments. You can donate cash or securities--or both--into the pooled income fund and receive income for life plus a current income tax deduction. If you donate low-yield appreciated securities, you will increase your income and avoid the capital gains tax. You can make a donation of $10,000 or more to our pooled income fund and receive income quarterly or annually.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable remainder trust is an irrevocable trust that can be used to provide lifetime income to you (and your spouse or a family member), with the remainder passing to The Children's Support Foundation. A charitable remainder trust is a powerful planning tool that can be used to convert appreciated assets into a diversified portfolio that generates income for life without incurring capital gains on the asset sale. With this wealth transferring structure, you can support the work of The Children's Support Foundation, receive an income tax deduction at the time of the gift, and reduce estate taxes.

Charitable Lead Trust

In the case of a charitable lead trust, a donor places assets in a trust with the income going to The Children's Support Foundation for a specified number of years. The charitable lead trust is a highly effective wealth transfer vehicle because assets and appreciation on those assets will pass to your beneficiaries at a reduced gift tax cost, reflecting the fact that they will not receive the assets until some time in the future. In a period of low interest rates, these benefits are enhanced.

Giving Through Your Will

After providing for loved ones, there are many ways you can give a lasting gift to continue our work. You can name a specific bequest of cash or an asset such as property or stock. Or, with a residuary bequest, you can leave the remainder or a percentage of the remainder of your estate after all the specific bequests are made. Your financial advisor can help you maximize your gift by choosing assets that would otherwise be highly taxed. If you already have a will and wish to make a bequest without rewriting your entire will, you can create a codicil.

Life Insurance Can Allow You to Make a Major Gift

If your children are grown and your home is paid for, you may have a life insurance policy that no longer serves its original purpose. A gift to The Children's Support Foundation of a life insurance policy can give you tax savings while allowing you to make a significant gift. If you prefer to retain ownership of the policy, you can make The Children's Support Foundation the beneficiary of a specific amount or a percentage of the proceeds. This is a convenient way to make a gift, and your gift can be put to work faster because life insurance avoids what is sometimes a lengthy probate.


Join Us! November 16th, 2017: Innovative Philanthropy Breakfast
Please join  us  on Nov. 16th, 8:30-10:30 for the latest in Children's Support Foundation's Innovative Philanthropy Series - "New Washington Policies: What are they likely to be and how will they affect New York nonprofits and the work they do?” Hear from experts on the economy, government funding and philanthropy.


Your tax-deductible, general operating contribution will support the ongoing activities of the Foundation. Thank you for your generosity!